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Ordered : Hermes Bracelet + Bvlgari bracelet. I Placed the order and everything was smooth until i gave the MCTN number of the western union payment to Doris.

As soon as this was done , i was told to change my order as items are not available.

Then i was blocked on chat, later on the lo-gin for my account was blocked on the site.

I am helpless pondering over my loss of 158 $.

Doris is cheat and worthless person. Never have been cheated openly like this in my life.

Just they will trap you with attractive offers make you send the money, then you will be blocked from site and any other means of contact. The call on phone number also will be unanswered.

Biggest cheating ever happened to me.


Monetary Loss: $158.

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As you all can see the so called Mr. Zaho is no more existing in this world nor his website http://mycartiershop.com/

He put across his email id to impart confidence and to lure more customer in to the website and steal all of their money.

Happy go shopping with these worthless Chinese, and be scammed up front.

San Jose, California, United States #774989

I received my parcel,they are good quality jewelry,amazing,i like their website


all buyers can go to our website and ask you wanna see our buyers' review,we will show you


we have many good reviews,we only supply AAAAA quality jewelry,why you slander us? who are you? please delete your article if you are our competitor


we ship our buyers' parcel via EMS/DHL/ARAMEX/FEDEX,all buyers receive their parcels smoothly.


I am Mr.Zhao,boss of mycartiershop.com please contact with my personal email zhaoqifei888@gmail.com

We are honest company,why you slander us?

Los Angeles, California, United States #772984

If a site wants you to pay with Western Union, STAY AWAY! That's an easy way for scammers to get your money with no recourse.

If you use a credit card, the credit card company can help you resolve disputes.

If a site say they don't accept credit cards, I'd find somewhere else to shop.

to Anonymous #774491

we accept visa,master card,maestro,qiwi wallet,web money

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